Detex V40 range of ALARMED Panic Hardware

DETEX V40 SERIES meets South African requirements for “escape initiated by body weight.” Pressure against the surface mounted aesthetically pleasing heavy-duty panic latch always opens the door, setting off a loud alarm on most models. The alarm is reset or bypassed by using the key. The stainless steel deadlocking latch will allow the door to re-lock once it closes, to prevent unauthorised entry.   Read DETEX 40 QUALITY   which explains why DETEX V40 panic bars are the preferred solution. They are Fire-Rated, UL-Listed, always locked from the outside, and are tested to withstand over 600 kg of pull pressure from outside!

The following models are usually in stock in Cape Town:

DETEX V40 X EI Alarmed & monitored latching push bar

This Fire-Rated panic bar has a built-in tamperproof 95dB alarm to deter miscreants AT THE DOOR and is designed to be integrated into control rooms and alarm panels for remote monitoring.

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DETEX V40 X EI X RSS     This Fire-Rated panic bar is a South African variation on DETEX V40 X EI which we developed in response to demand from a major bank, and later simplified it for retail stores, where the installation was often done by shopfitters and other trades less experienced in electronics.   We pre-connect the PC Board to 2 metres of stranded copper comms cable, fed through a stainless steel door loop for easy ‘paint-by-numbers’ connection by the alarm contractor, later in the installation process. There is no need for the installer to access the PC board.


Click on DETEX V40 x EI X RSS  to see detailed information and a full range of accessories available for this (and all other) DETEX V40 models.

DETEX V4001 X ER  for access control on emergency exits. This electrically released latching push bar meets all the criteria for fire exists and also allows access control with all types of readers and switches, using 24V regulated DC power to withdraw the latch.

Click on DETEX V40001 ER Access Control for more detailed information on this heavy-duty panic bar designed for access-controlled doors.


DETEX V40 X EB ALARMED LATCHING STAND-ALONE PUSH-BAR.  Battery operated alarm. No cables or connections. Just fit it and turn the key to arm the alarm!

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DETEX V40 X EB X W  WEATHERIZED ALARMED STAND-ALONE LATCHING PUSH-BAR.  An outdoor version of DETEX V40 x EB – tested to US Military  Specs for salt spray and driving rain


Click on DETEX V40 x EB x W Weatherised for more detailed information on this alarmed panic hardware DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR USE!.



Alarmed latching push bar with 15 second delay and key by-pass.  Alarm sounds immediately the bar is pushed – but door is kept locked for 15 seconds to allow time for an appropriate response.  Please check with your local fire authority for permission to have a delayed exit.

Click on DETEX V40 x EE delayed alarm for more detailied information on this robust panic hardware solution.


Click here to see DETEX V40 Dbl Doors.  Extra hardware for the fixed leaf and a special striker are required.

CONTACT THE LOXPERTS!  Tell us the size of the opening through which the DETEX device must pass and we will help you to select the correct model – or a different product- if the opening is too narrow for DETEX V40 to pass through.