BRANDS: Manufacturers whose products we offer – sorted alphabetically by Brand Name

Below is a selection of some of the main lock and hardware manufacturers whose products we import, distribute, stock, or can order for customers.  For a more comprehensive list click on Alphabetical Brandlist

From Anti-Bandit doors to Fire Rated Escape doors and all types of door hardware.  If you don’t find what you are looking for – ask The Loxperts! We offer the security products of more than 100 manufacturers world-wide.

ABLOY     Motorised locks, mortice locks, deadlocks, electric locks, lock cylinders, heavy padlocks

ABUS     Padlocks: brass, marine, stainless steel, all weather, heavy hasp & staple sets, lockouts.

ADAMS-RITE Locks for aluminium doors, mortice deadlocking latches, deadlocks, heavy panic hardware, electric strikers & drop bolts

ALLANDEL Fire doors – SABS approved tried-and-tested Fire Rated doors from half-hour to two-hour ratings.  We will order doors made-to-measure and supply them with the correct Fire-Rated panic hardware and door closers.  See a full range at

AMERICAN LOCK  Steel padlocks, industrial padlocks, ball-locking, interchangeable cylinder padlocks, heavy hasps.

AMIG Huge range of locks and door hardware – available for import from Spain to order – or for direct import by clients

ANVIZ Biometric fingerprint locks and fingerprint readers, retina and face scanners

ARMALOCK Extra heavy mortice & electric locks, jail locks designed in and for South African conditions

ASSA ABLOY Broad range of locks, mortice locks, deadlocks, padlocks, night latches, door handles, door knobs, pull handles, key safes and general door hardware. Many brands fall under this umbrella.

BLUELOCK Remote receivers for any electronic device – operated via Bluetooth from mobile phones and tablets.

BOTANY Stainless steel tee-hinges, hook & band hinges, hasps & staples, barrel bolts, padbolts, gate latches, pull handles, boat hinges and catches. Special items can be made to order in viable quantities. Made in and for South African coastal conditions.

BRITON Panic & Emergency Exit hardware of industrial quality, floor springs, pivots & door hardware for both timber & for aluminium pivoted doors.  Read our Panic Hardware Guide for more information on emergency exits.

CHUBB  Safes, SABS Categorised safes & gun safes, drop safes, record, strong room, vault & Categorised doors, heavy mortice locks and deadlocks, heavy hasps and padlocks, hinge bolts, window locks and door bolts.

CISA European style double throw cylinder mortice locks and dead locks, lock cylinders, cam locks, key-switches, cylinder gate locks, heavy duty gate locks, electric locks for timber and aluminium doors, electric strikers, electric gate locks, multi-point morticed locks, gear-driven multipoint locks. Full range of door closers.
Padlocks, marine padlocks, steel padlocks, close shackle padlocks, combination padlocks. Master–keyed and keyed alike – any quantity made to order. Fire-rated locks, panic & emergency exit hardware, door closers. Heavy mortice locks for timber doors – and much more!

CISA SP #136  High security lock cylinders, padlocks, cam locks and cylinders for CISA gate locks and other CISA products – also replacements for most other cylinders sold in Southern Africa – all with registered upright keys made by us only on written authority-which must match signature samples lodged with us.
We no longer supply SP products for new systems, but will continue to make keys and service / replace existing locks.

CISA ASTRAL TEKNO S01 High security lock cylinders, padlocks, cam locks and cylinders for CISA gate locks and other CISA products – also replacements for most other cylinders sold in Southern Africa.  These cylinders have registered, flat, double-sided keys, made only on written ID authority-which must match signature samples lodged with us. Click on  .

CODELOCK Digital locks and cam locks for doors, cupboards & lockers

COIN-OP Coin operated locks for toilets – Mechanical lock using R2.00 coin – click Coin-op-R2.  We also offer coin operated electric locks.

CORKEY Card operated locks using stainless steel cards – Robust low tech readers for both electrical & mechanical lock applications.

CSB Batteries – gel type of UPS quality. 12 volt 7.0 a/Hr are stocked fully charged. Other sizes to order

DETEX Alarmed panic and emergency exit hardware – all Fire Rated. Also electric latch retraction and delayed exit alarmed devices. Stand-alone alarmed monitoring devices for all types of doors – all with 95 dB alarm and key-bypass facilities for the alarm. Products are UL listed and made in USA to USA standards.  Visit our DETEX page.

DORCAS Electric strikers and locks, drop bolts, 12 Volt – 24 volt can be ordered.

DORMA Door closers, floor springs, hardware for pivoted doors, patch fittings for glass doors, locks, handles, emergency exit hardware, locks and handles.

DPS A range of handles, pull handles, hinges and door hardware suitable for Southern African doors, in stainless steel, and in PVD, polished brass & satin chrome finishes.

EFF-EFF Electric strikers 12 volt (24 volt can be ordered), heavy duty drop bolts, steel door loops and concealed door loops.

ELETTRIKA Heavy duty rim mounted electric locks for gates and doors

FaceID Biometric face-reading devices for access control

FIRST LOCK Cam locks and furniture locks

FURNLOCK Digital cam locks, furniture locks & fittings, truck locks

G-SPEAK GSM operated – answer and release doors and gates using mobile phones/tablets/smartphones.

GATEKEEPER Remote receiver for operating electronic locks, gates, pool pumps, lights or any device – using mobile phones, tablets & smartphones. Can be used with or instead of any remote receiver.

GATELOX Heavy duty electrically released 12 volt locks for gates and aluminium doors

GENERAL HINGES Continuous heavy duty hinges in stainless steel and brass

GUNNEBO Safes, Categorised safes & gun safes, drop safes, record room, strong room, vault & SABS Categorised doors

GUUB Digital cam and furniture locks, battery operated

INTERNATIONAL SAFES Anti-Bandit doors, Safes, drop safes, record room & strong room doors. Heavy key cabinets. Specials items can be made up to client’s dimensions & specifications.  See website for more info.

KITLOCK Digital locks and cam locks for cupboard doors & lockers

LEGGE Heavy mortice locks, mortice night latches

LOCKSHOP Power supplies for locking systems, 12 volt in lockable steel cabinets. 3 amp, 5 amp, & 10 amp usually stocked. Timers and lock circuitry can be built-into these power supplies. 24 volt with 12 and 24 volt output made on request.
Push plates with and without cylinder holes, also kick plates in brass, aluminium & stainless steel. Standard sizes of push plates stocked, special sizes & kick plates made to order.
International symbol signs, fire exit signs – made to order.
Stainless steel hardware and Marine grade 316 stainless steel items can be made to order in viable quantities. For more information on marine-grade stainless steel hardware visit

LOGO-LINE Padlocks, rectangular padlocks, locks for aluminium doors

MASTER LOCK Padlocks, combination padlocks, marine padlocks, industrial padlocks, cycle & motorcycle padlocks, chain-padlocks. Safety lockout kits and individual lockouts and padlocks for electrical & other industries, key-safes

MEDECO High security cylinders & padlocks with registered keys. We no longer supply MEDECO for new systems.

MIDALPRO Aluminium handles, pull handles, flush bolts, barrel bolts

OPENERS & CLOSERS Electric strikers 12 Volt (24 volt on special order), motorised 12 volt deadlocks

PROJECT Stainless steel 304 handles, pull handles, flush bolts, door stops and other hardware for doors. Projection hinges in satin, satin PVD and gold PVD coatings.

RIVIERA  A range of 304 stainless steel handles, pull handles and escutcheon with durable, weather resistant PVD coatings – with a 10 year warranty on PVD coating!

SA HARDWARE Stainless Steel hardware, Hinges, Handles, pull handles

SAVI Locks for aluminium doors and sliding aluminium doors

SEP Magnetic (electromagnetic) locks, shear-locks, fire door-holders

SAMSUNG Biometric, digital and proximity locks with deep cases, self-contained with alkaline batteries on the inside of the door.

SECURICRAFT Window and patio door locks, push locks for sliding doors

SISO Glass cabinet and showcase locks and hardware

TRAKA Key Management systems, modular, from 21 keys upwards

TRIMEC Electric strikers 12 volt (24 volt can be ordered)

UNION Vast range of locks including mortice locks, lever locks, cylinder locks, deadlocks, night latches, door knobs and handles in brass, aluminium, stainless steel etc. Door closers, toilet indicator bolts, code operated door handles for home or office.

VIRDI Biometric locks, finger-print readers offering live and fake finger detection – for indoor and outdoor use – networked or stand-alone, time & attendance linked options.  Also Face IDSmart V outside readers, stand alone and networked.  See more at Virditech .

Digital and Bluetooth locks for Guest Houses and B & B’s – see illustration at right.


VIRO Padlocks, cylinder mortice locks & deadlocks for timber and aluminium doors, heavy locking mechanisms for external doors

YALE Mortice locks, deadlocks, window locks, digital safes, padlocks, night latches

ZKTECO Biometric fingerprint operated readers and stand-alone locks