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Panic Hardware / Emergency Exit Hardware

What is Panic Hardware?

Panic Hardware generally refers to hardware that is usually mounted on emergency exit or fire escape doors, that will allow the occupants of a building to escape easily and quickly in an emergency – without hinderence, keys, tools or special knowledge. Also variously referred to as fire-exit hardware, fire escape devices, crash bars, push bars, fire escape hardware, exit devices, emergency exit devices, - they can sometimes also be alarmed exit devices. In some instances panic devices may offer access control facilities from the outside – whilst always allowing free escape from the inside.

What they all have in common is that they open by ‘body weight’ – ALWAYS! In the event of people surging against the door, it MUST open immediately without even the need to use one’s hands!

Whilst providing a fast and easy exit, the panic hardware should also secure the door against entry from the outside – to satisfy Loss Control requirements.

Download / View article Download / View "Freedom to Escape" - an informative article about panic hardware and the legal requirements for exit hardware, as set out in the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act.

An example of a panic hardware device is pictured below.
Emergency exit device

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Do I need Emergency Exit Hardware?

Designated fire escapes in buildings in South Africa which have a ‘designed occupancy of 25 or more persons’ are usually required to have hinged, outward-opening doors as fire escapes or emergency exits, through which ‘escape initiated by body-weight’ can take place in an emergency. Fitting the correct emergency exit device or panic hardware device should  meet this requirement.

These doors must open easily and freely from inside, and should self-close after escape to prevent the ingress of oxygen, (which would fan a fire, and disperse the resultant smoke into fire escape areas). A dual-action fire-rated overhead surface mounted door closer such as DORMA TS 73 or TS 83 should be fitted to ensure proper closing after escape has taken place – which will also make the premises more secure against stock and other losses.

Crash bar, emergency exit device

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Fire escape alarm

Are you an architect, builder, specifier or property owner looking for quality panic hardware for your current project?

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Are you a security manager, security consultant or access control installer who requires a solution to secure fire doors for Loss Control, while maintaining the necessary safety standards?
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We computer-list over 10,000 items including panic hardware, the majority of models being available from stock.

If you do not find the panic hardware you are looking for in this section, please ask us, our staff have over 100 years cumulative experience!


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