for greater resistance against crow-bar and other attempts at forcible entry

In these troubled times of high crime and violence against people, we should NOT be fitting gates that can be bent and mangled easily with hand tools. Gates should be constructed so that crowbars and similar implements cannot find an entry-point, and cannot easily bend the gate, the frame or the lock.

The reason that criminals have been winning the battle for our property is that most gates are too light, have flimsy hinges, and are fitted with locks that simply pop open under slight pressure from a crowbar, tire-lever or a big screwdriver!  Such gates are usually bought on price – and you get what you pay for!  It can take less than 30 seconds to force open the average gate, and even less for the average door!


  • Gates should NOT be hung on hung on light hinges that are mounted directly to the wall
  • The gate itself should have an outer frame of no less than 38 x 38 mm steel tubing
  • The gate should be sturdily hinged to a full height steel frame of not less than 38 x 38mm steel tubing – which must be firmly fixed to the wall- at least on both sides (and at the top where practical)
  • The vertical in-fill bars should be of not less than 19 x 19 mm square steel running full-height without welds or joints where they pass through the horizontal steel.
  • Gates be desgned and built with a full length steel cover strip of at least 50x 5 mm to prevent tools being inserted between the gate and the frame
  • The locks should be chosen before ordering the gate, and the gate should be made to suit the chosen lock, and galvanised after all the holes are made – to keep rust out of the steel.


See a catalogue of gate locks by clicking here: sec-06-gatelock-cat.  Note that NOT everything in this catalogue is locally available.

Cylinder locks are best for most security applications – because the cylinders can be easily changed or upgraded when keys are lost or stolen.   See why  Cylinder locks are preferred.  For higher levels of security and to prevent keys being copied use Astral Tekno S01 lock cylinders in all gates and doors.  We can offer locks for your whole property on a master-key or keyed alike to order.  See Master keying & Keying Alike for more information.  Note that if you order a master-keyed or keyed alike set of locks, they need to be specially made-up to suit your needs. Please plan ahead!

All gate locks should lock into a slot in the steel full-length outer frame, which should be fitted with the correct striker plate (supplied with very lock).

View Heavy Duty Electric Lock for Gates

View the CISA ELETTRIKA heavy duty surface mounted electric gate lock leaflet by clicking on PDE718 Brochure Elettrika-ENG_low.  Note that not all items and variations are locally available.

Note that we do not make gates ourselves.  We are currently negotiating with some of our gate-making clients to offer a better quality heavy gate fitted with heavier locks, made in the Western Cape.  We can also offer heavy industrial and commercial steel gates, made to order by our Johannesburg contractor

We hope to introduce some new ideas for effective crow-bar resistant gates in April.