SERVICES offered by The Lockshop also include a Consultancy Service

David Miller M.I.S. (SA) has over 45 year’s experience in the field and offers a professional consultancy service by prior appointment only.  This service covers trouble-shooting and examination of poorly performing installations, all aspects of locks, doors and door closers, access control, master-keyed systems, escape and panic hardware, all ironmongery for doors, and advice on the installation of these items.  Drawing up of specifications, as well as assistance with the appointment and supervision of contractors, can be arranged at hourly, daily or monthly rates.

David Miller is a Member of the South African Institute of Security (SAIS), serves on the SAIS Board of Governors, and is a past Chairman of SASA WC Branch.

A past Chairman of the Locksmiths Association of South Africa (LASA) Western Cape Branch, David has over 40 years service on the LASA Committee.

A past Chairman of ASIS Chapter 203 Cape Town, David was a member of ASIS International for 30 years.  ASIS is the largest professional security organisation in the world, with 35,000 Members in over 200 countries).

David   Miller was a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) for over 20 years.


Security and Ironmongery should not be add-ons!  If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.  Read Add-ons 190801 for more information.

We constantly strive to know as much as possible about the products and services we sell.  Hands-on experience on our own installation sites since 1980 is invaluable, and this is supplemented by in-house training, and frequent interaction between our staff and our suppliers. Product knowledge is updated by attending seminars and workshops given by product manufacturers, as well as various associations and professional bodies.  We are members of the Locksmiths Association of South Africa (LASA) and subscribe to their Locksmith’s Creed and Locksmith’s Code of Ethics.



Our installation service has enabled us to gain product knowledge and to assist many of our trade clients, as well as commerce and industry.  Domestic installations are undertaken for cash only, when time permits.

We offer an installation service on most of the products that we sell.   Since lock expertise is very hard to find, we do NOT have teams of installers waiting to be called out, and install by prior appointment only, during our normal office hours.  We work primarily in the Cape Peninsula, but have installed as far a field as Bredasdorp and Durban.

In addition to access control and electric release systems, we specialize in  hardware for Security and Access Control such as door closers – (read SIWRS Door Closers) and panic hardware (read 000 Panic Hardware for Fire Escapes

We offer  mechanical systems using the renowned CISA locks, cylinders and padlocks.  For higher grades of key security see   Who has Keys – Astral Tekno S01  and   C3000 T06 . These cylinders, locks and padlocks use registered keys that are made by us only on written authorisation.  Keys must be ordered from us by means of ID and authorised signature- which must match signature samples lodged with us.  There is NO while-u-wait service on our high security products!

Free advice on products is given by e-mail ( and in our showroom Monday to Friday, during office hours only, where practical to do so.


Most of the gates we are asked to look at have been bought on price, are too light, use cheap locks, and are not designed to meet current threats.  These old-style gates can be popped open in seconds using a crow-bar, tyre iron – and in many cases a large screw-driver!

We are working with some of our gate-making clients to develop a better design, incorporating heavier steel, heavier cylinder locks and better all-round protection.  We can offer these purpose-made gates in the Western Cape through some of our gate-contractor clients, who can meet our rigid specifications for quality and service.   Read    Gates and Heavy Gate Locks for more information.


We are not in the emergency business but endeavor to offer a repair service on anything that has been previously installed by us, during our office hours. Should we accept callouts to assess or repair installations done by others – we charge at our current rates for time, travelling and material.

We can usually examine and test locks, strikers and other hardware at our counter during our office hours, at no charge.