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The Covid-19 Corona Virus is carried by droplets emanating from carriers or infected people, and can be found on all kinds of surfaces. Most carriers of the virus are asymptomatic and are usually not even aware that they are carrying this highly contagious Covid-19 virus. One of the ways to ‘play safe’ is to avoid touching surfaces that have been touched, coughed or sneezed on by carriers or by infected people.


Some Hands-Free Solutions:


  • Face Biometrics: There is no touching or use of fingers or hands to gain access. The Face Reader reads certain characteristic of the face and eyes and uses this information to grant or deny access. See Facial ID for an example of a simple facial recognition system, as a valuable tool in the battle against transmission of the Covid-19 Virus!

  • Hands-Free Temperature Sensors: These require no operator or touching. These units can be mounted on the wall or a tripod, and will sound an alarm if a high temperature is detected. High body-temperature is a key factor in detecting the presence of the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

  • Key Operated Locks: These operate without the need for a handle can be fitted, often as a replacement for existing locks. These locks enable the key to be used as the mechanical means of opening. Interchangeable High Security Lock Cylinders are available as an option. See C3000 T06 and Astral Tekno S01 for more information on high security lock cylinders.

  • Door Closers: A good door closer, correctly selected for the size of the door, should close the door automatically EVERY time without the need for human intervention. See SIWRS Door Closers for more information.

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