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Guest House Locks, for B & B’s and Air B & B operations. We offer low-cost stand alone Guest House Locks. Easy to fit – No cabling or power supplies needed. We have locks that can be operated by using Pin-Codes, BlueTooth, biometrics (fingerprints), tags, cards and keys. The examples shown on this page are very well suited to use in Guest-houses, B & B’s and Air-B & B operations.




This is a low-cost stand-alone lock cylinder that can be fitted in minutes to new or existing cylinder lock bodies that use a Euro-Profile cylinder. The outside of the unit is weatherproof. Exit from inside is by means of the thumb-turn, so that Guests are never trapped inside. Entry from outside can be by pin-code, Smart-tag or via BlueTooth devices. Read the leaflet Smart Cylinder 210401 for more information.


Smart VLock F427 76 011


Suitable for timber doors. Guest access can be easily granted or denied.

The Manager can allocate valid days and times to each Guest or Guest House individually without having to visit the site. The Guest requires only an Android phone or Tablet using BlueTooth to gain access. The Guest access is only valid for the days allocated, and expires on the day and at the time set by the Manager. Nothing for Guests to carry, and nothing to lose!






Also Pin code and Key by-pass operation from outside. Exit always free from inside using the

thumb-turn. Battery operated with low-battery warning. NO wires or power supply needed.




Click on Smart V Lock 210601 to see leaflet with full details.

Smart VLock F427 76 011
Ultralock 210501

F427 76 001 is a lock that will lock automatically whenever the door is closed.  Suited for Guest Houses and B & B’s with short or long-term Guests where biometric (fingerprint) or digital operation is needed for staff or longer-term guests.


The Manager can delete the fingers, pin-codes or BlueTooth access of other users at will. Battery operated with low battery warning. NO wires or power supplies needed.  Quick and easy to fit. Nothing for Guests to carry, and nothing to lose! Available in silver finish or Bronze as illustrated at right. Up to 95 fingers can be enrolled. Up to 95 pin codes can be used. Operation options from outside and Bluetooth operation via Smartphone or Tablet and turn handle. Insert code and turn handle. Key override. Exit is always free from inside via the handle.


Click on Ultralock 210501 to see detailed leaflet

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