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We offer a wide range of hinges for all types of doors, as well as all ironmongery for doors. View our list of Ironmongery Products.


We know hinges, so if you are looking for hinges or pivots for doors, speak to the LOCKSPERTS! Hinges are probably the single biggest cause of door or lock failures because they can allow the door to drop from its original position causing misalignment of locks, strikers, and other door hardware. Saving money on cheap hinges or using lighter screws is a false economy.


Butt Hinges: These are the most common type used for timber and aluminium doors. The butts of these aluminium or brass hinges were formerly separated by steel, nylon, or bronze washers. The trend today is towards ball-bearing hinges, usually made of stainless steel, which operate more smoothly and last much longer. They are also available in very durable PVD finishes which look like brass or chrome finish. We also offer MARINE-quality stainless steel hinges and boat fittings.


Parliament Hinges: Parliament hinges are used when the door needs to stand further out or pass a door frame or other obstruction to open flat against a wall. They are usually made of brass, although stainless steel parliament hinges are becoming more common.


Projection Hinges: Projection Hinges serve the same function as parliament hinges, are less ornate and generally cost less because they take less time to manufacture.


Continuous Hinges: Continuous hinges are used for heavier applications and are available in long, continuous lengths, usually the full length of the door. Available in aluminium, brass, or stainless steel.


Flush Hinge: While not as strong as butt hinges, these do not require a recess to be cut and are mainly used on light aluminium doors and sometimes on light timber doors.


Are you a builder or renovator looking for a hinge supplier? Give us a call, as we can supply you with a wide range of quality branded hinges.

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