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Looking for wireless solutions without compromising security? Our high-quality battery-powered wireless locks require no cables or power supplies and are easy to fit and use.  The fact that they don't require power supplies or cabling makes them quick and easy to retro-fit and completely independent of external / Eskom power!

Wireless Jimmy Proof Lock

Wireless Lock for Frameless Glass Doors


This battery-powered motorised lock enables access control to be retrofitted to sheer glass doors (where there is no frame to fit a lock to.) It is fitted to the glass using a powerful adhesive (supplied with the lock). The lock can be operated using remotes, tags or pin codes. The keypad is weatherproof and does not require any cable to connect to the lock. For more see Wireless Lock for Frameless Glass Doors

Wireless Lock for Frameless Glass Doors

Wireless Fingerprint Solution:


Our Ultraloq Smart Lock is an attractive and robust solution for timber doors (it is too wide for most aluminium and glass doors). It can store 95 fingerprints or pin codes. Exit / Escape is always free from inside, making it highly suitable for Guest Houses, B & B operations, offices, stores and warehouses, where an aesthetically pleasing solution is needed. Entry from outside is only via a valid fingerprint or pin code. (A key-bypass is supplied for emergency use)

Ultraloq Smart Lock

                                                Our Smart V Lock can be opened by mobile devices and is ideal for Guest Houses and for B & B operations. 
                                                This motorised battery-powered lock allows the Manager / Administrator of a Guest House or a complex to                                                      send limited time or permanent access ‘permission’ to the Guest’s or Resident’s MobileKey account, making                                                      the lock accessible to the Guest via the Guest’s Smartphone, Tablet or other Smart device running Android                                                        devices (Apple is not supported).  A key-bypass is supplied for emergency use.

Smart V Lock

SMART LOCK CYLINDER:  Tired of carrying, losing and replacing keys? Replace Lock Cylinders

with our Smart Cylinder!

This replacement Lock Cylinder is suitable for almost all Euro pattern key-operated cylinder locks used

in Southern Africa. It can be operated via its own keypad, via tags or Bluetooth. For more information,

click on Smart Lock Cylinder

Smart Cylinder

Digital Wireless door lock

This battery operated lock is easy to fit and and requires NO power or cabling.  It can be operated via the Tuya App

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