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We will replace or repair, at our sole discretion, any goods sold by us, on production of the invoice, in terms of the guarantee of the manufacturer, for whom we act as an agent. Defective goods must be returned to us for inspection/testing on our premises, (or those of the manufacturer of the product concerned, where we deem it necessary) at the client’s risk and expense.


Goods installed by us carry an on-site guarantee, and we will inspect, test, and, at our discretion, replace or repair our own installations only, during our normal office hours, at no charge, for the period of our guarantee. After our guarantee period, we may offer a maintenance service at our then current rates for time elapsed, material and travelling.


Should we agree to inspect, service or repair any installation done by others we will only do so on a time and material basis without any guarantee whatsoever.




No liability is accepted for consequential or any other losses of any nature whatsoever, from any cause whatsoever, at any time. The above shall apply equally to goods sold or installed and to any advice given, whether or not the advice is correctly implemented.

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