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People do not close doors - Door Closers do, automatically without the need to touch the door!


Door Closers save lives and energy by keeping intruders out and limiting the flow of air! They are an essential tool in Access Control Systems, as well as on Fire Doors - to stop the spread of toxic smoke, by keeping the door closed.

Door Closers are mechanical devices that automatically close doors after they have been opened. They are used in office buildings, shopping centres, banks and many other buildings. Most are visible overhead door closers. Some are concealed in the floor under the door and covered by a metal plate, and some are mounted inside the door frame at the top of the door and are not visible.


See SIWRS Door Closers to find out more about the different types of door closers, and how to select the correct closer for your door.

Are you a builder, shopfitter or shopping center manager looking for Door Closers?


A full range of quality CISA Door Closers is now available! Contact Us with your door sizes, so that we can advise you correctly, or simply enquire about the Door Closers we stock and provide the public and trade. We also have vast experience and advice to offer with regards to the best installation practices to ensure that your Door Closers work as they were designed to.

Door Closer



  • If installed correctly, a Door Closer will allow a door to close softly, without slamming and ensure that a self-locking door closes and locks itself to maintain security;

  • A Door Closer helps to seal doors against the passage of smoke to prevent asphyxiation, and to keep air-conditioned or heated environments more stable, thereby reducing power usage;

  • A Door Closer ensures that emergency exit doors close after escape, to prevent the ingress of air, which would fan a fire and drive harmful smoke through the building; and prevent opportunistic intrusion.

  • A Door Closer will prevent the wind from slamming the door and possibly breaking the glass and damaging the door when it slams.


Correct installation is critical to both the performance and longevity of the door closer. An error of 10mm in the installation is a BIG error! The two most common errors are incorrect fitting i.e. not using the template supplied, or using it incorrectly and fitting a door closer that is too light for the size of the door or the wind conditions. Door weight is not as important as door size!


Learn more about door closers by clicking on SIWRS Door Closers

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