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We thank you for your support during the past year and wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  We hope you will have a relaxing and safe festive season and wish all our clients and friends good health and prosperity in the year ahead.



Please note (from April 2021) our new and only street address is:





All our other contact details are unchanged; same Loxperts, same old-fashioned service coupled with modern security technology:

PHONE +27 (0)21 555 1720

Building plans, pictures of doors, panic hardware or locks etc that you wish to discuss can be sent:

  • by e-mail to for plans and documents (in .pdf format preferably)
  • by WhatsApp to the Lockdesk phone  +27 (0)84 200 1555 for pictures of doors and locks etc

Enquiries can also be sent by

  • SMS to 27 (0)84 200 1555
  • Fax to +27 (0)86 523 0411

Our office hours are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday only.

Phone, e-mail or visit us to talk to the LOXPERTS!  We have over 100 years experience between us.

Covid-19: South Africa is experiencing a third-wave and we areback to Stage 3!  Keep a safe distance, wash your hands / sanitize regularly, keep your mask on – and stay vigilant!

COVID-19 risk-adjusted strategy:  Where practical during this difficult time,  we will endeavor to offer advice and talk clients through door and lock problems, and assist with specifications and planning of new projects via e-mail or WhatsApp – without the need to meet face-to-face.             

We ALL need to do our part by wearing face-masks, practicing social distancing and frequent hand-washing / sanitizing of hands and all surfaces.  We can only beat Covid by working together!

COVID 19 and SECURITY      Fingerprint readers can contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus. We know a number of companies have for this reason ‘turned them off’.  There are however other options:

  1.  Tag and card operation:  Many of the better fingerprint readers also have a tag or card facility.  Consider issuing tags or access cards in the interim – these usually do not  need to touch the reader to operate it.  Lost or stolen cards/tags can be ‘deleted’ from the system at any time.
  2. Face Biometrics:  Face readers examine certain face characteristics and can grant access without being touched!  Face readers can perform the same functions as fingerprint readers, such as checking the identity and deciding whether the user is allowed access at that time – on that date.  They can also be linked to Time and Attendance. Faces can be deleted from the system, without having the person present.
  3.  Hands-free locks: Some locks can be opened electronically without touching them – or by using only a key.  If you can supply details of the door – we can advise which products are most suitable.  High Security key options are also available.  See Astral Tekno S01 and C3000 T06 for more information on high security key options for almost all locks sold in Southern Africa.
  4. Door Closers  can close and lock doors with no human intervention.  See  SIWRS Door Closersfor more information and ask us about suitable locks.
  5.  Hands-free door pulls.  We have foot-operated pulls that can be used to open doors without touching them.

Criminals in South Africa are now more desperate than ever!  Since many of their normal sources of illicit income are not ‘out and about’  they are seeking other ways to commit crimes.  Expect to see more burglaries and attacks on homes, cars and business premises.  Ensure that locking-up is done with even more care and vigilance during the Covid restrictions!

E-mail, call us or visit our shop – scroll up for details


DISHONEST PEOPLE WORK 24/7!!   They are always on the look-out for the weak-link in your chain.  Thieves, fraudsters, robbers and hi-jackers don’t stop to smell the coffee, or to sip Pina Coladas – they keep on robbing and stealing! 

DONT say ‘It won’t happen to me.’  If you don’t take special care – you or your family could be victims.  Take all reasonable care not to create opportunities for criminals!

Apart from the habitual criminals, and the drug-crazed and desperate ones we may encounter, also beware of two types of criminals who may target your home, business or vehicles:

The Planner:  The planner is the criminal who has watched your premises, on average for up to 2 weeks, and knows something about the premises, the habits, and the people coming and going from your home or business and their routines.  This criminal will have looked at the weaknesses in your security and worked out the best way to attack you or your property.

The Opportunist:  The opportunistic criminal is one who may not have got out of bed this morning with the intention of committing a crime, but may be tempted by the handbag or laptop on the seat of your car, or the article left in the window or the garden – visible from the street.  We have only ourselves to blame if we fall victim to these crimes.

  • DONT disclose any passwords or banking details to ANYONE – EVER!!
  • Make sure you know where your keys, wallet and credit cards are at all times, and do NOT let them out of your site EVER!                             
  • Read  Cylinder Locks preferred– to understand the advantages and so that you can easily change cylinders in minutes when keys are lost or stolen.          
  • KNOW who has keys to your doors!!  Fit cylinders with registered keys that can not be copied by conventional means.  See  Astral Tekno S01 and C3000 T06 for more information on special key profiles exclusive to The Lockshop   Send pictures of your doors and talk to the Loxperts, to discuss your specific requirements.


Statistics show that most hijackings happen in driveways. If the hijacker is successful – he gets your car, your wallet and credit cards, the keys to your house and/or business, and possibly also access to your family.  If you have a motorized gate and a motorized garage door, never have both of them open at the same time – because this is the ideal fast-track for the criminal to take control of the situation.

  • Concentrate on the road and your environment as you approach your driveway.  Do not have music playing or talk on your cellphone when entering or leaving the premises.
  •   If you feel you are being followed or another car is driving too close behind you – it is usually best not to open the driveway gate at all.  Rather drive around the block or to the nearest police station or public place.
  • Wait for the motor-gate to close fully behind you, and do not open the garage door until you have verified that no one has followed you through the gate.
  • Do not try to be a hero – but rather ensure that you are a survivor.
  • The Lockshop advise you to be vigilant at all times, and to always lock-up properly and carefully.
  • When locking your vehicle – DONT just press the button and walk away – TEST the doors to be sure that your lock-up signal has not been jammed by criminals waiting to steal our possessions.
  • Don’t leave things lying visible in windows or in your car.

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The Lockshop is the trading name (since 1989) of the business established by David Miller in 1975.

We are an independent supplier offering the products of more than 100 manufacturers both local and overseas!

We try to sell better products that don’t come back – to customers that do!

 Our Mission

5c110-nickelThe Lockshop strive to provide an exceptional service as knowledgeable suppliers of: locks, biometrics, panic & emergency exit hardware, access control, door handles and security related door hardware – in fact EVERYTHING – FOR EVERY DOOR – whilst placing integrity, customer security, life-safety and sound advice above short term objectives.

We also offer a Consultancy Service – we will visit your site to advise you – at hourly rates.

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Trade buyers, installers, home builders, renovators and the public are catered for in our premises in Northgate Estate Cape Town, where a vast range of locks, biometrics, electric locks, gate locks, door handles, panic hardware, door closers and door hardware are on display.  We have over 100 year’s experience available – if we can’t help you – we probably know someone who can!


We have HANDS-FREE solutions to door opening.