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Door Closers play an important role in both safety and security

People don't close and lock doors - door closers do!

  • On access-controlled doors - it is the door closer that ensures the door is closed properly so that it can re-lock after each use, preventing unwanted intrusions.

  • On emergency exit and fire escape doors, the door closer re-closes the door after exit or escape, to ensure that the door and frame form a proper air and smoke-seal.

  • This smoke-seal prevents the distribution of toxic smoke and prevents the flow of fresh air to the fire. Air would fan the fire, making it hotter - producing more smoke and driving the smoke around the building and into the fire escape routes.

  • By closing the door, the door closer will also assist in preventing opportunistic intrusions during an emergency, as well as saving energy costs in air conditioned buildings.

Contrary to popular belief - it is the SIZE of the door - rather than the weight - that should determine the model of door closer to be used. Read the article below to learn more about choosing the right door closer.

SIWRS Door Closers
Download PDF • 189KB


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