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Covid 19 & Security

Although the situation is now vastly improved - we must not forget the basics: Keep a safe distance, wash your hands / sanitize regularly, and stay vigilant!

Where practical. we will endeavor to offer advice and talk clients through door and lock problems, and assist with specifications and planning of new projects via e-mail or WhatsApp – without the need to meet face-to-face. Photo of your doors or products required can be sent via WhatsApp to +27 (0)84 200 1555.

Fingerprint readers can contribute to the spread of viruses. We know a number of companies have for this reason ‘turned them off’. There are however other options:

  • Tag & Card Operation: Many of the better fingerprint readers also have a tag or card facility. Consider issuing tags or access cards in the interim – these usually do not need to touch the reader to operate it. Lost or stolen cards/tags can be ‘deleted’ from the system at any time.

  • Face Biometrics: Face readers examine certain face characteristics and can grant access without being touched! Face readers can perform the same functions as fingerprint readers, such as checking the identity and deciding whether the user is allowed access at that time – on that date. They can also be linked to Time and Attendance. Faces can be deleted from the system, without having the person present. Stand-alone versions as well as networked face readers are available.

  • Hands Free Locks: Some locks can be opened electronically without touching them – or by using only a key. If you can supply details of the door – we can advise which products are most suitable. High Security key options are also available. See Astral Tekno S01 and C3000 T06 for more information on high security key options for almost all locks sold in Southern Africa.

  • Door Closers: Door Closers can close and lock doors with no human intervention. DOOR CLOSERS are in any event essential to ensure that doors lock after use, and for preventing the circulation of smoke or air (which fans a fire and distributes the smoke) during a fire. See SIWRS Door Closers for more information, and ask us about suitable locks.

SIWRS Door Closers
Download PDF • 189KB

Hands Free Door Pulls: We have foot-operated pulls that can be used to open doors without touching them.


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